The gifts you need this holiday season

December 4, 2017

With the abundance of gift giving holidays just around the corner, the pressure to find the perfect present to give is definitely on. What do you get for your best friend or your mom when they deserve an island, but all you can afford is socks (not knocking on socks, they are a great gift). There is also the pressure of receiving the text from a parent or aunt or friend asking you for your Christmas list.


As graduate students, the items at the top of this list are usually money, groceries, or Starbucks gift cards. While these are always great gifts, this year you may want to ask for something more related to our field of interest: forensic psychology. We are lucky enough to have the best researchers and clinicians in the field for professors, and they have written some amazing books, both academic and not.

This year, for your gift giving and receiving pleasure, here is a list of books written and edited by some of the distinguished professors in our program: 


Dr. Gwendolyn L. Gerber: Women and men police officers: Gender, status, and personality


Dr. Calkins and Dr. Jeglic: Protecting your child from sexual abuse


Lawrence Wright and Saul Kassin: Confessions in the Courtroom


Dr. Nadal:

            Filipino American Psychology

            Women and Mental Disorders

            That’s so Gay!

            Filipinos in NYC

            The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender


Dr. Penrod: Mistaken Identification: The eyewitness, psychology, and the law


Dr. Raghavan:

            Domestic Violence: Methodologies in Dialogue (written in conjunction with Dr. Cohen)

            Self Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim societies


Dr. Schlesinger:

            Sexual murder: Catathymic and compulsive homicides

            Psychiatric aspects of criminal behavior

            Explorations in criminal psychopathology

            Serial offenders: current thoughts, recent findings

            Sexual dynamics of antisocial behavior

            Violence perspective on murder and aggression

            Sex murder and sex aggression


Dr. Wulach:

            Law and mental health professionals (New York and New Jersey)



Dr. Yanos:

            Mental health stigma and the loss of human potential

Dr. Zapf:

            Forensic psychology and law


And because many of us just can’t get enough true crime stories, here are some links to find even more true crime books, movies, and documentaries to fill up your winter break:


Top 10 best true crime books

Top 17 best true crime documentaries 

Top 25 best true crime movies 


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