7 Things You May or May Not Know about MA Program Excellence Fees: James Wulach, Ph.D., J.D. Shares


For a full academic year , the MA Excellence Fee Initiative has been operational. Yet many students don’t know what this initiative is all about. So to give you a quick summary, here are 7 things you need to know about the MA Excellence Fee:


  1. New Excellence Fees Administrators:

    Kelisha Layne, Assistant Director of MA Program Administration

    Jessica Mooney, Assistant Director of MA Career and Externship Advisement


    Kelisha and Jessica are your go-to people for academic, externship and career advisement respectively. So don't forget to set up an introductory appointment with them to see how they can help you further you career at John Jay.

                            Kelisha Layne - klayne@jjay.cuny.edu

                            Jessica Mooney - jemooney@jjay.cuny.edu


  2. The MA Teaching Assistant Initiative

    Through funds from the MA Excellence Fee, 20 new Teaching Assistants have been assigned to assist professors teaching MA and Undergraduate courses. If you are interested in trying your hand at a teaching assistantship, drop by our offices on the 10th floor of the New Building for more information.


  3. Specialized Mentors

    Do you want to get a head start on getting a doctoral or law degree? Would you like to get information on upcoming events or get involved with student clubs? MA Excellence Fees provide specialized mentors to guide you through your graduate career here and more:


                            Dr. Mark Fondacaro - Law Advisor (mfondacaro@jjay.cuny.edu)

                            Dr. Elizabeth Jeglic - Doctoral Applications and MA Research Advisor


                            Dr. Marina Sorochinski - Clubs and Special Events Developer


                            Dr. Kevin Nadal - Diversity Student Advisor (kanadal@jjay.cuny.edu)


  4. Special Presentations and Seminars

    During the Fall 2016 semester, two exciting events were organized for students that were well received, (not to mentioned covered by our blog!):


    Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer,  

    by Dr. Katherine Ramsland.



    Faulty Perceptions: Eyewitnesses, Juries, and Consequences, featured John Jay Professors Dr. Jennifer Dysart and Dr. Charles Stone, Adam Sirois – the lone juror who voted not-guilty in the Pedro Hernandez case, Kian Khatibi – wrongfully convicted of stabbing based on a faulty eyewitness identification and spent 9 years before being exonerated, and a special guest, Jeffrey Deskovic – exonerated after 16 years in prison, founder of the Deskovic Foundation for Justice, and John Jay MA program alumni.


    This semester will also be an exciting one with seminars and events!


  5. The Reimbursement Initiative

    With the reimbursement initiative, students who attend outside professional trainings or seminars related to forensic psychology and/or counseling can get reimbursements up to $500 a year.


  6. Merit Scholarships

    So far through the MA Excellence Fee, 22 merit scholarships of $100 have been awarded to the top students (GPA of 3.9 and above) of the Forensic Mental Health Counseling (FMHC) program.


  7. MA Program Newsletter - “Get Psych’d!” 

    For information and updates regarding the MA Excellence Fee Initiative subscribe to our newsletter now!

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