The F Group: A Closer Look at FCSG, the Forensic Counseling Student Group

December 2, 2016

Hazell Imbert exudes a cool, refreshing demeanor, with a heart of gold to match.  A member and leader of FCSG, or the Forensic Counseling Student Group, Hazell always politely inquires about how you’re doing, oozing a caring attitude, even if you don’t know her.


I wanted to find out more about FCSG, or the F group, as I like to call it (I end up mixing the letters like a bowl of alphabet soup every time I try to say it, embarrassing I know).  I hadn’t heard much buzz about the group, only whispers like a phantom legend.  I also didn’t know how the F group varied from MSRG (the Master’s Student Research Group).  Hazel helped clarify and bring me up to speed. 


“The group started last year.  I think it was in the works in the fall semester, but I got involved in the spring after an event that they (FCSG) hosted with Abbi Tuller, a graduate of the program.  She provided great insight into the clinical perspective of working with victims, which was different from what we normally see here with offenders,” Hazell explained.  Right off the bat, Hazell identified a key part of what FCSG set out to accomplish: providing current students with more knowledge of the working world, by not only offering networking opportunities, but imparting specific skill sets through workshop presentations.




Another key part of ABCDEFCSG, (see I did it again), is to help clearly communicate internal program details and guide students in the Forensic Mental Health Counseling (FMHC) program.  Hazell added, “We want to gauge student need and have an active role in providing those things by collaborating with faculty to help those things happen.”  This year, with help of Jessica Mooney, Assistant Director of MA Program Career Advising, events specifically focusing on externships were co-hosted to address this often confusing area.  Master’s students in both tracks of forensic psychology and forensic mental health counseling attended.


This exact need played a huge factor in the group’s development.  After some FMHC students voiced a few concerns regarding their program Fall 2015, Alexandra Luciano, Patrice Goldstein, and Evan Lawrence worked closely with Dr. Wulach to form this group to help students be knowledgeable about the FMHC program’s requirements and to hopefully build and enhance careers, providing professional development opportunities for all students.


FCSG events might sometimes be geared more towards clinical work and counseling topics of interest, but they hope to support and advise students through their graduate careers and into their professional successes, broaden perspectives, offer a platform for communication and host events to help facilitate this, and build resumes, regardless of program.




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